About Us

Izzy's was founded in 2014, and is rooted in a passion for feeding people and making them smile. Based in Edinburgh, we bake cakes and sweet delights of all shapes and sizes. In addition to this, we are currently developing "You'll Have Had Your Tea", a catering service providing a Scottish afternoon tea to add an extra something to your party, event or social gathering.

We are commited to using ethical, local ingredients as much as we can. We use Silver Spoon sugar, the only sugar to use sugar beet grown in the UK, our dairy products come from Graham's Dairy, and our eggs come from East Coast Organics. Our kitchen runs on Good Energy, a 100% renewable energy supplier, so our baking is powered by British sun, wind and rain.

 To order, contact us using the page above, or send an email to hello@izzysbakes.com. We are also delighted that from October 2015 our cakes will be available from the fabulous Souped Up box on Nicolson Street.

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I began my baking life with a yearly entry in the Sutton Bonington Village Show children's cake competition. Through many years of Victoria Sponge trials and tribulations (and arguments over the merits of icing sugar vs. caster sugar as a sprinkled topping), I was eventually awarded a third place.

Later, at secondary school I wowed my maths class with Nigella Lawson's quadruple chocolate loaf cake, a dense, chocolate, squidgy masterpiece, and began to establish myself as a bit of a dab hand with a wooden spoon.

Even time spent in a Canadian hostel couldn't dampen my passion for cakes; with no access to an oven, I melted marshmallows in a microwave to stick together a pile of brownies, doughnuts and twinkies - a cake I still consider to be one of my greatest successes.

In 2008 I moved to Edinburgh, and fell in love with the city. After years of plying flatmates, teammates, and coursemates with all things sweet, I evetually got a job at Edinburgh University Student Association. Here I honed my skills further, and eventually secured a position as a master baker, providing cakes to all of the student unions. Alongside this I completed a Masters degree in Environmental Sustainability, which inspired my commitment to eco-friendly baking.

"I just figured, if I was going to make the world a better place, I would do it with cookies"
- Ana Pascal, Stranger Than Fiction